Thursday, January 31, 2013

more Pleiades for your faces: Orion, Electra, Alcyone

Am art major. Bow 2 my skillz

So as my spectacular fucking header pic may have tipped you off, I have some more CrowsToes Pleiades to post today.

WORTH MENTIONING: I took some of these pictures like a week apart so in some of them I'm wearing two coats, and then in others three coats of polish. I'll try to remember which is which and let you know.

I'm just gonna jump right in so here we gooooooooo


Orion is a freaking awesome green/yellow/turquoise multichrome. The shift in this one is BEAUTIFUL; it looks mostly green in person but I'm so glad that my pictures show the wide range of color in this one.

I looooove greens like this. I wore it in two coats in all pictures above. Probably could have done three, but any bald patches only showed up in the fourth picture.


Two coats!

Electra is an electric blue (I mean really) with a blue-violet/purple multichrome. This one is really super bright and vivid. The name Electra definitely fits, that's for sure.

In the second picture I wore two coats, but the rest all show three. This one is best in three thin coats for sure. I got the most even coverage that way.


Two coats
Two coats 

Alcyone had the most interesting color out of these three in my opinion. In some lights it appeared very blue-violet, and in some a vivid slightly grayed blue. (cooler toned than Electra) Anyway, the shift goes from blue-violet/purple/wine in this one.

The first two pictures show two coats, and the last two show three. Once again, best in three thin coats.

Hate to sound cliche but these are stunning. And the last two are actually probably my favorites. I'll be posting those pretty soon, and then I have a bunch of Pretty & Polished to get started on. I'll probably show those just one at a time, since I have something else planned for February. ;;;))))

Okay I won't leave you hanging. I had kind of a frankenpolish binge last night (see my twitter), and my pal Inky invited me to post frankens every Friday in February with her. Of course I agreed! :B So you'll be seeing a lot of those soon.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

late night nails: sally hansen salon effects in Stud-io Time

Hey y'all! (if you're up at this hour)

I've literally had this box of Salon Effects since my birthday in July, and tonight I wanted something new on my nails so I thought WHY NOT let's do this.

I know it doesn't exactly look perfect, but I can blame my shoddy application on my lack of experience with nail polish strips, my difficult super curved nails that did not help at all when picking sizes, and my utter determination to only use one packet of strips. (I succeeded in that, at least.)

It may not look as good as it could, but I still like it! It's fun to have nail art on your nails without really having to work for it. Though as I mentioned above, putting on the strips was a bit of a challenge. ;P

I did put on base coat before applying these, and put on a coat of Essie Good to Go after applying them, but I probably should have made sure the strips were all lying completely flat before I added TC. Also these are supposed to last a full week "up to 10 days" according to the box, so I'll get to see how that works out.

Now in the meantime I'll be editing pictures and getting some posts together. Awww yiss.

<3 Fitzy

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

my damn stash *VIDEO*

Hey y'all.

I have very few words to share today; just a video of my stashola!

Please enjoy my awkwardness. Also I don't know why the video is a little wide and stretched out. :/

I'll be back with the Pleiades soonish. <3


Monday, January 28, 2013

covergirl amethyst and midnight magic

Hey so has anyone else seen all the new CoverGirl Outlast shades in Walgreens yet? Those small displays started popping up everywhere that have a limited collection of colors, but recently a whole shelf full of CG nail polish popped up at my Walgreens, with what I think is every shade from the core line.

A few caught my eye right away, so I took 'em home and swatched both of them.


Two coats of Amethyst. This one didn't catch my eye right away, but I picked up the bottle by chance and noticed it has a purple shimmer.

The formula is on the thick side, but it's not unmanageable and applies quite smoothly. The color is a nice mouse-y brown, and the shimmer is subtle but it adds an interesting quality to the polish.

Midnight Magic

I knew I wanted this one as soon as I saw it. It's a crazy blue metallic foil with a smattering of copper, green, gold, and silver. It's just AWESOME in the bottle, which is why I grabbed it. The copper is what makes this one unique and interesting in my opinion.

Midnight Magic does not disappoint. I swatched it with two coats, but three thin coats would be best.

There were a few more colors that looked pretty and that I want to try, but at seven bucks a pop I'm gonna have to hold back for a while... D: Unless they're on sale. ;)


Saturday, January 26, 2013

random Girly layering

Hey y'all,

I just a quick post for now.

Regarding the title; I don't mean "girly" as in my layering today is girly. I mean "Girly." As in, this is some layering that I did using Revlon Girly.

This mani is a little ridiculous, as I was wearing a jelly sandwich to begin with, and then layered a coat of Girly on top.

What I'm wearing:

2 coats of Sally Hansen Linen
1 coat of Darling Diva Polish Baby Got Back
2 coats of Essie Marshmallow
1 coat of Revlon Girly

Girly is a fairly recent polish that has gotten everyone pretty excited. I bought a bottle of this for my little sis a while ago, and put Girly on my wish list thinking I would end up buying it at a later date. But Jasmine of Colour Coated decided to prove to me that it does indeed pay to have a wish list on one's blog, and sent me a bottle of Girly along with Hard Candy Beetle!

Girly is a milky pink jelly polish packed with purple and fuchsia hexes and a shit ton of pink holo glitter. This is one awesome polish.

But whether or not this mani is "girly," I will leave up to you.



CrowsToes the Pleiades collection - part one of three

Hey look at me, actually posting swatches in a somewhat timely manner?

So check it out, this is the Pleiades collection from CrowsToes. Don't worry, I had to google it too (and my partner had to correct my pronunciation), and it's taken me until now to memorize how to spell "Pleiades."

The Pleiades (say it with me: PLEE-uh-dees) are known in Greek mythology as seven sisters, the daughters of Atlas and Pleione, who were relentlessly pursued by Orion, the hunter. Out of pity, Zeus first changed the sisters into doves, and then into stars to comfort Atlas. You may know that Orion is a constellation. Well, the Pleiades are a star cluster, and it is said that Orion is still up there chasing them.

That's the super condensed version, only for the purpose of this post. If anyone out there takes issue with my "Greek mythology," please bear that in mind. And if you study Greek mythology, feel free to send me a replacement text for the above paragraph. ;)))

Now the rest of this post should mostly concern nail polish. The Pleiades collection is made up of eight polishes; seven for the sisters, and one for Orion. I'm splitting this review up into three posts, and today I'm starting with Maia, Asterope, and Celaeno.

Disclaimer: I really tried to capture all the multichrome in these shades, but these babies are seriously stunning in person.


I apologize for the tip wear. These pictures were taken after three days of having Maia on my nails. I seriously did NOT want to take Maia off. This is the first one I tried, and I didn't think anything else in the collection could top this. (Spoiler alert: I was wrong)

I wore two coats, but added an extra coat before taking pictures. Maia applied a little thick, but very even, and two to three coats works perfectly, depending on the thickness of the coats.

The main color in Maia is a rich reddish purple, which shifts to red and orange and extreme angles.


This is two coats of Asterope. Between taking Maia off and swatching the rest of the collection, I filed down my index and middle fingers a little bit to try and take care of some peeling.

Asterope is a burnt orange that shifts to a lighter bronzey orange and yellow at more extreme angles. It's just as strong as Maia. Simply devine. *sigh*


Celaeno is a little more subtle than the first two, but still just as beautiful at two coats.

It's mainly a light coppery orange (more orange than the pictures show), and it has a strong golden yellow shift with a touch of green at the end. Looks a little "Peridupe-y" in the bottle, but looks nothing like Peridot on the nails!

That'll do it for today. I still need to finish taking bottle shots, so I may have another post up tomorrow, or I might just be lazy and wait for Monday. ;) Before I sign off, the Pleiades can be found on Llarowe for $13 each.

Ciao, bellas.

(Products were provided for my honest review)