Friday, February 1, 2013

franken feb friday... f**kers

>collapses onto keyboard

oh hello

SO today has been a fun day for me. I probably have never mentioned this before, but I can't drive. HAH

I know right it's pretty sad. The story is I went to driving school when I was 17, and I hated it, and driving in a car with a bunch of younger teens who I didn't know and a driving instructor who was mildly insensitive and pretty sexist was really shitty. Also I was dealing with a lot of ISSUES at the time. So I finished driving school and I ended up with a learner's permit but no license because I never pursued driving any further after that. 

Well I'm 20 now (my birthday is coming up in July wooo), and with some persistent nudging from family members and the realization that I don't feel as much anxiety towards driving at this point, I'm starting to actually practice driving yayyyyy. I know it's kind of a necessary skill but I've just never really been interested or motivated to drive, and it's getting to the point where it's a HUGE HASSLE.

So I'm with my mom for today to practice driving. I drove in a car for the first time in a few years, and I must say I did pretty well. I drove TWICE. (whoa) And I wasn't that scared. I'm hoping I can get my license in the next couple of months. D: 

Wish me luck heh :3

In yesterday's post I mentioned Franken Feb Fridays (that's just what I'm calling it) that I will be doing with Inky. The only problem is I'm still wearing Salon Effects, and in the interest of testing the "10 day wear" claim on the box, I refuse to remove my studly mani. 

So instead of posting a new franken, or new pics of a franken, I dug through my old pictures and found these pics of a franken I made last September. I hadn't posted this one, or even given it a name yet, so yeah that's what I'm showing y'all today.

yeah I still got it
Poor unnamed bb :'(

swatchy swatchy:

Lol my application was so different back then, and my nails were so much shorter! And why is there pen on my finger wtf

This is two coats of the franken, and I'm pretty sure I topped it with Seche Vite.

I don't remember exactly what's in it, but I'm pretty sure I started with about half a bottle of China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini and just started dumping stuff in it. There's some CG Prismatic glitter in there, and some blue polish of course, but I don't really know what else! It dries semi-matte because of YPDB, and I wish I had taken pics of it without top coat because it looks really cool both ways. 

Uhhhhhhhh that's all I got. 

Go check out Inky's blog! Even though she won't have her post up until late tomorrow (possibly?), her claws are so wonderful to look at, and she's the whole reason I'm doing franken posts this month!

I swear next time I'll actually have some new pics to share. In fact, I'll probably do another frankenpost before next Friday since I have quite a few frankens at this point.

Ciao for meow



  1. Hey, that's actually a really beautiful (and opaque) green! Might try to do something with my half empty and basically useless bottle of YPDB. I refuse to do 2 coats of white then 2 coats of YPDB for a weird chalky result!
    Good luck on the driving!

    1. Thank you! I felt the same way about YPDB. Pretty color... Too much work for unsatisfying payoff. It's good for frankening though. C:

      And thank you I will try my besttttt

  2. I love this franken! In the bottle the colour made me think of toxic waste :)

    Good luck for learning to drive!

  3. I got my license at 20, so don't feel too bad.

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone! :( A lot of people have been telling me about how long it has taken them to get behind the wheel.

  4. It's a gorgeous colour! You could sell that!

    And hey, I'm 23 and my learner's has expired twice. I have yet to go back again. My father traumatized me so hard when he tried to teach me to drive. He's just totally clueless and now the thought of getting into a car with an instructor (or anyone) makes me panic. Not because I think I'm going to crash but because I think I'm going to break down and cry when they say anything... so stressful. I feel so stupid about it =P Lucky I have a driver boyfriend xP GOOD LUCK.

  5. Good for you, Dahling!'t drive either. Maybe, someday, I might, if I have to...I guess. lol

    I'm working on my Franken Feb Friday nails post today. Work kicked my not so tiny tushie this weekend, so my wagon is draggin. Thanks for getting this started my Fitzy Dahling! <3

  6. Ugh I need to get my license again. I let it expire :P

    And that's a lovely looking franken! I feel like making frankens is a gift. One I don't have :P


  7. fitz
    the sense of freedom you will have knowing how to drive is a priceless one!
    not to mention being able to get to the drugstore across town when one cvs doesnt have the nail polish you need...hint hint!

  8. Love that franken! Eh, I'll be 30 in June and I can't drive..... hate the thoughts of it!

  9. Where have you been? Did you learn to drive?

  10. Where are you, dear? I hope you're all right and just super busy driving all over the continent or something. ;) Please come back soon!

  11. I hope that you are doing well!!


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