Friday, January 18, 2013

XOXO Alexis Leigh Blogiversary Nail Art Contest Entry

Hey y'all.

Pay me no mind. I threw this together this morning for Alexis Leigh's Blogiversary Contest after waking up inspired. :D The contest ends tonight at midnight, I believe. So yeah this is really last-minute!

Sorry if the picture looks weird. It was hastily edited and I just wanted to include my thumb SOMEHOW.

Anyway, this mani was inspired by LVX, using colors in my stash that closely matched all the colors in the winter collection. I wanted to create something that tied together all the colors in the collection, and had kind of a "luxury" or "high fashion" feel that LVX represents.

Okayokay, I think that's it. If you can, check out Alexis Leigh's blog. She's pretty fierce and she has swatches of all the LVX collections. ;)



  1. This is really beautiful!!! I hope you win! :D

  2. "Fierce" is TOTALLY the word for her! I hope you win =D


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