Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the perfect mimosa!

Well hey there,

The other day I was shopping at the HEB for some gro-ce-ries (say it with me like a Texan), and I came across an NYC display with some fancy new nail colors. They're all here on Nouveau Cheap, but one in particular stood out to me.

Midtown Mimosa is described as a "yellow creme" on Nouveau Cheap, but it's actually a perfect yellow jelly.


Now I dunno about you, but I freakin' love yellow nail polish. The only problem I have with yellow (just a teensy little problem) is that it looks fucking terrible on me.

Somehow, Midtown Mimosa is an exception to that rule. In my opinion, I have finally found a yellow that is wearable for my skin tone.

My only issue with this polish is that it's a jelly. So what you see is about four coats, and even then I have quite a bit of VNL. So now I have to find something to layer this polish over if I actually want to wear it.

But honestly? this is not a big deal for me. The formula is great, the dry time is not bad at all, and I love the squishy jelly finish and the warm tone this yellow has.

Here's a big 'ol hand shot:

One last thing before I sign off: An outtake from my last CrowsToes post. This look didn't quite make the cut because I accidentally dabbed too much glitter onto my ring finger. Oh well! It still looks good. 

That's all I got chilluns. I finished swatching some more CrowsToes last night, and I hope to have the pictures all ready soon. 

Love and kisses butts,


PS: Almost forgot, this polish was 93 cents. Best. Deal. Ever.


  1. Holy motherf****************** NINETY THREE CENTS? Well, f*ck me, I'm movin' to Texas. We can hang out for always.

  2. You have me completely addiction to glittery polishes.... I am sporting a Debbie Lipman glittery pink (it feels like what Dorothy's shoes would have been if they weren't red lol) Hugs, Z.

  3. i love a good yellow polish too, who cares if it doesnt look good in your eyes, i think it looks fantastic, so rock it.

  4. This looks great on you! This would be great for a jelly sandwich. :)

  5. Wwoowwwww I love this! 93 cents! I love yellow polish and I don't own any yellow jellies!

  6. I'm with Missy Gnarly Nails. I agree with everything she said. I love yellow polish so much I keep wearing even the shades that don't fit me, unlike the other colours. It is just so tricky to wear without underwear. I don't know why it is so.

  7. Ha! I'm with you, in my decades of nail polish I FINALLY bought a yellow a few months back. HELLLLLL NO. Oh my lord I mustve known intuitively all those years not to bother because it was atrocious.

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    1. Oh crap! I accidentally removed your comment aslkdfjhsafkjds :(((((

      But yeah I definitely want to try a jelly sandwich with this polish sometime.


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