Saturday, January 26, 2013

random Girly layering

Hey y'all,

I just a quick post for now.

Regarding the title; I don't mean "girly" as in my layering today is girly. I mean "Girly." As in, this is some layering that I did using Revlon Girly.

This mani is a little ridiculous, as I was wearing a jelly sandwich to begin with, and then layered a coat of Girly on top.

What I'm wearing:

2 coats of Sally Hansen Linen
1 coat of Darling Diva Polish Baby Got Back
2 coats of Essie Marshmallow
1 coat of Revlon Girly

Girly is a fairly recent polish that has gotten everyone pretty excited. I bought a bottle of this for my little sis a while ago, and put Girly on my wish list thinking I would end up buying it at a later date. But Jasmine of Colour Coated decided to prove to me that it does indeed pay to have a wish list on one's blog, and sent me a bottle of Girly along with Hard Candy Beetle!

Girly is a milky pink jelly polish packed with purple and fuchsia hexes and a shit ton of pink holo glitter. This is one awesome polish.

But whether or not this mani is "girly," I will leave up to you.




  1. Very pretty!! I do think it lives up to the name haha. This looks like a perfect Valentine's mani!

  2. Soo many coats of polish! But I love the way Girly looks. :)

  3. I keep picking this one up and putting it back down, but I love the way the lavender/blue glitter pops against the pink. Tempting!


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