Wednesday, January 30, 2013

late night nails: sally hansen salon effects in Stud-io Time

Hey y'all! (if you're up at this hour)

I've literally had this box of Salon Effects since my birthday in July, and tonight I wanted something new on my nails so I thought WHY NOT let's do this.

I know it doesn't exactly look perfect, but I can blame my shoddy application on my lack of experience with nail polish strips, my difficult super curved nails that did not help at all when picking sizes, and my utter determination to only use one packet of strips. (I succeeded in that, at least.)

It may not look as good as it could, but I still like it! It's fun to have nail art on your nails without really having to work for it. Though as I mentioned above, putting on the strips was a bit of a challenge. ;P

I did put on base coat before applying these, and put on a coat of Essie Good to Go after applying them, but I probably should have made sure the strips were all lying completely flat before I added TC. Also these are supposed to last a full week "up to 10 days" according to the box, so I'll get to see how that works out.

Now in the meantime I'll be editing pictures and getting some posts together. Awww yiss.

<3 Fitzy


  1. Glad to have you back! Your nails look fine, I don't see anything wrong with your application. I have really curved nails too so I avoid things like this but you give me hope =P

  2. I have, like, a hundred boxes of these things that I just continue buying even though I have never tried them. Not once, haha. I think it's because changing my polish every day has made me afraid of something that is meant to last 10 days. This is why shellac and I didn't work out...these look gorg on you though!

    1. I only buy them when they're on sale... and yeah it's quite a commitment! I don't know if I'll be willing to keep these on for more than a few days.


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