Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blogging: It's Personal.

Hey y'all

Today I have one of those wordy posts that I do so well. You know, the ones with the rambling and whatnot.

Blogging has been kind of stressful for me lately, which is part of the reason I decided to take a short holiday break. I'm not completely on hiatus since I still did some nail art and took some NOTD pics, but I've been doing far less than full time blogging. It's been weird not writing posts and doing swatches, but also nice.

I don't currently have a job (I just started looking for one), and I'm taking time off from school, so it looks like for the time being I'm going to have some more energy to focus on my blog. Which is good, because I have a few things I need to address.

Personally, I feel that the way I write my posts has started to change a little bit, and I'm not happy about that. Now, you wonderful readers may not have noticed, and that's okay, but I still feel that I need to make a resolution that my blog will always genuinely reflect who I am.

In some of my posts I tried to sound cheerful when I'm really not; sometimes I decided to leave out words that some people might think is obscene instead of just writing how I normally would. A few times, I have even made a conscious effort to sound more like a beauty blogger and less like my crass, snarky, queer self. I don't really think that's fair to anyone reading my blog, and it's certainly not fair to me. Trying so hard to write in a way that I think will appeal to a specific audience has done nothing but stress me out and leave me feeling unsatisfied with some of my posts.

I'm a nail polish blogger, but that doesn't mean I have to blog a certain way in order to be a "legit" blogger. I think it's easy to forget things like that. This blog is personal, and it should stay that way.

While we're on the subject of being personal, I have mentioned before that I am gay, and I am also transgender. I am in no way apologetic about who I am. I identify as a big freakin' queer, and if that bothers you, you are in no way obligated to read my blog or follow me on any social media sites. I would prefer to openly share these parts of my life and who I am, but instead I have tried to keep these things a little more private. That just doesn't suit me. I'm proud of who I am and I want everyone to know it. ;)

I just wanted to get that out of the way so I can get to something nice.

When I started blogging, I had no idea there was such a massive community behind the few blogs that I was aware of at the time. I never expected to be a part of something like this, and now that I'm here I don't think I'll ever leave. I have met some truly amazing people in the nail blogging community, and I truly appreciate all of the support and acceptance I have received from my fellow bloggers.

If you've stuck with me thus far, or just recently followed me, I thank you. I also thank you if you made it all the way through this post. I tried to be concise, but I do have a tendency to blabber.

Anyway, a few last things to note:

  • I still have CrowsToes swatches to share when I return from my break
  • I have two Bootie Babe polishes to swatch and post
  • I'm planning a few videos for the near future
  • I have some big exciting news that I hope to share either this month or next 0: 

At the moment I am still away from home and most of my polish, but I will be back home and back in the game soon enough.

Before I sign off, I have just a couple pictures to share, and then I will be on my way. Because it would be totes rude to leave without sharing some legit polish stuff right? Right.

CrowsToes Absolum

CrowsToes Hell Hath No Fury
Ciao for now.



  1. Hey babe!
    You should blog anyway you fucking chose! This is your place and we are grateful to be invited in. So Hugs...
    Now holy cow those are lovely pictures... I recently went on a debbie lippman sparkly buying binge lol... and now I fear I must have the sparkly you just shined at us...
    Hugs, Z.

  2. It's your blog, do what you want!! What did you layer Absolum over, it's gorgeousssssss

  3. Well done. Be yourself or you won't enjoy this fun hobby. I read your blog because of your awesome nails, your writing style, and because you are you. Keep on keepin' on :)

  4. I want that last one! Also you're a super hot, hilarious and awesome crass-snarky-queer so please don't feel like you need to filter that shite!

    I had the same reaction when I found the community - I didn't know there were so gorram many people and they're ALL awesome! Wtf, that never happens!

    And now I need to budget for Hell Hath No Fury. My poor wallet ;_;

  5. Blog however you want, I am not working at the moment and out of studying so I can completely emphathise with you there, the problem with blogging is people expect you to act a certain way- but you should aways blog for yourself. For example I am a polish blogger with short nails, gah the hate you get from that is ridiculous, I am not going to change who I am to please some people I am never going to meet on the internet. I come to your blog for your uniqueness (just my my readers go to mine)that is what makes your blog so enjoyable!

  6. I personally would LOVE to see blogposts where you show your true self - just be you! If someone finds something obscene or something, they have the right to not read it. I agree and I think you're doing yourself a great disservice if you are pretending to be something you're not, though I completely get your reasons for doing so. We love you the way you are, so flaunt it! <3

  7. It's always good to step back and remember why you blog! Be yourself and we'll love you for it and any rude people who think you have to act like a "professional beauty blogger" can go to hell! :)

  8. Good for you!!! Scuse my language, but Fuck anyone that expects you to blog a certain way. What makes this community so diverse and awesome is the many personalities out there. If we all blogged the same way, I would slit my wrists from boredom. :)

    Glad you're back. :) I missed your crass-snarky-queer self dammit!

  9. Just do what you like, we love you for that & you don't owe anything to anyone :P

    I've been feeling some pressure too, to be honest, regarding what i should say and what i shouldn't and how i should do that and stuff

  10. I know you don't need another person to tell you to just be yourself and do with your blog whatever you like, but I'm going to say it anyway. This is a place YOU created and where you share more than just pretty pics with us. Those who only want to look at photos will continue to look at them no matter what and how you write. Those who like to read what you write will either keep on doing that or they won't, and if they don't want to read it, you don't need them.
    I understand that you might be afraid that you might be bullied and harassed, but that can happen to anyone and that's a risk anyone who uses internet to express any sort of opinion faces.
    I have missed your posts.

  11. My goal was to be a published author, and I worried being trans and queer and obscene would slow me down, but it never did. I think there are a lot more people looking to hear a voice like yours than you probably think. I had no idea you were gay or trans when I found your blog, and neither had any impact on me liking it. However, once I knew, it made this particular blog stand out in a glutted field. Kudos to you for being bold and embracing who you are.

  12. I will keep reading you, even if you don't censor yourself. So don't censor yourself!

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  14. I like this post, we share a similar philosophy, though like you, mine has evolved. I too have decided to blog what I love, and not try to be anything or do anything other than that. This is for me and my nails to enjoy! I was worried about offending with bad language etc too, but f3ck it! Much respect to you for being who you are, that is the way to authentic living, right?

  15. Don't tailor your voice to an audience. Be true and authentic, it is what drew us to you and what will keep us here. :)

  16. Who you really are should always shine through love! Don't fret over what anyone else thinks, no matter what you do someone is always going to hate it anyway. The only thing that matters is if you love it! The real peeps will stick with ya! (Something I tend to forget when I'm blogging as well)

  17. You be your beautiful gay nail blogging self, Fitzy Dahling! I'll <3 U no matter what, but I like you being you best. <3<3<3

  18. I just want to say thank you for being so brave and being honest with the world wide net. The is a big place and there area lot of fake people on it. It is nice to see a young man stand up and be proud of not only who he is but what he has to offer us. I say bravo to you!
    Not only do you appeal to me with your lovely nails and swatches but I am a huge human rights advocate and a sister to a gay brother. I was very accepting before my brother came out but after he did I found myself feeling MUCH more a part of the community and more of a fighter in a sense. I am proud of my little bro and will always stand beside him and those who have ever felt like they needed to hide from the public.
    Keep doing what you are doing Fitzy. Anyone who doesn't like you is missing out!

  19. <3 so many hugs!!! I am sorry that you have been stressed out lately :( Definately be yourself!! If someone has a problem with that, then it is their problem. Too bad for them! You are awesome and your blog is awesome!!!!

  20. Big freakin' queer sounds great to me. It's nice to see some diversity in beauty blogging, if for no other reason than to remind us that we are all glamourous bitches inside.


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