Monday, December 31, 2012

What do you do with a pound of glitter?

What do you do with a pound of glitter?
What do you do with a pound of glitter eaar-lay in the mornin?

Hey y'all!

I must interrupt my own blog break with an Irish pub song and a shitload of gold square glitter.

My mom found this huge can of glitter while we were looking through our supplies to decorate stockings for Christmas. I immediately ran off with it with the intention of doing some big glitter nail looks.

Even though the outside says it's a pound of glitter, I think it may be a little less than that. As you can see, the container isn't really completely full:

*sparkle sparkle*

Anyway, here's something I did for New Year's Eve tonight! This was the first time I'd ever used big glitter pieces like this, and it was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be.

Besides glitter, for this look I used a black creme polish and an unnamed borghese silver and black glitter polish. I topped everything with Gelous.

I admit I need a bit more practice, which is fine with me because I'm already thinking of what else I can do with these!

Thanks for reading! Have a happy New Year's Eve!



For your listening pleasure, an Irish pub song:

Friday, December 28, 2012

ce n'est pas une blog post

Hello everyone!

It appears I've kind of accidentally been on hiatus since christmas. It doesn't help that I've been away from home, which means I've been away from most of my polish and my light box. On top of that, I broke another nail and filed my nails down to round little shorties! So due to unforeseen circumstances, Lacquer Lad will return after the new year!

This was kind of unplanned, and I feel bad just dropping the blog for a bit, but I will be back soon! I have a handful of posts that need to get done, so when I come back, expect more CrowsToes swatches and stuff.

Oh, and also Bootie Babe! In fact, I'll leave you with a quick teaser of that one...

Happy new year, and see you soon!


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hey y'all!

I hope you have a wonderful day! I'm off to go sleep so I can wake up and celebrate christmas with the fam.

Just gonna leave these here. Candy Cane Crush is amazing. It smells fantastic. Not overpowering, just minty and refreshing. aaaahhhhh



Monday, December 24, 2012

Darling Diva Polish: Sugar Rush - Swatch and Review

One coat of Darling Diva Polish Sugar Rush over Essie Bikini So Teeny. I tried this one over white and nude but didn't like it. It took me a while to find the perfect polish to layer it over, but I think this is really it!

Sugar Rush is made up of hugenormous transparent neon multicolored hexes, a small amount of iridescent square glitter, and a touch of holo powder. Quite a bit of fishing was required for me to get those big hexes out, but I love the result. I found that one coat could yield anywhere from two to seven hexes.

I should mention that I added a dropper full of Seche Restore to thin Sugar Rush out. A lot of indie polish is made using uncut glitter suspension base, which means that the polish is quite thick! The good thing is that this means you can thin the polish to your desired consistency. Which I did, and I find that Sugar Rush applies much more easily after being thinned out.

If you look closely at my index finger, you can tell that these pictures were taken immediately post-break. :'( I just slapped some polish on the broken corner of my nail and did this last swatch before filing them all down.

Have a wonderful Christmas eve (if you celebrate Christmas), or a wonderful day in general. :)


(Product was provided for my honest review)

Sunday, December 23, 2012

CrowsToes Holiday 2012 Collection Review: Part 2

Hey little stocking stuffers, 

As promised, here's the rest of my CrowsToes holiday polish review! As I previously mentioned, CrowsToes polish can be found on Llarowe and Overall Beauty. And although many of the holiday polishes are already sold out, I hope you enjoy looking at these pretties! 

Her Goose Got Cooked

This is one coat of Her Goose Got Cooked over Sally Hansen Haute Chocolate (index and middle) and Sinful Colors Rich in Heart (ring and pinkie). I really didn't think I was going to like this one, but I'm really impressed! HGGC is made up mostly of large gold, orange, and pink hexes. I can't tell if all of the glitter is holographic, but a lot of it is and the flashes of color are truly beautiful.


Maxxed Out

Maxxed Out is a truly holo'd out glitter bomb. Gold and silver holographic hexes of various sizes, gold bars, and small silver glitter are most of what make up this polish from what I can tell. It reminds me of Darling Diva Polish Auld Lang Syne, but way chunkier. I layered this one over Essie Going Incognito (index, middle, and pinkie) and Essie She's Pampered (ring finger, obviously).


Holly and Hellfire

Holly and Hellfire was another unexpected favorite for me! I thought it was just a red and silver glitter, and maybe not much to write home about... But damn. Those big holo hexes really pack a purple punch. Just look at that first nail picture! I counted five hexes reflecting purple on my nails. Awesome. I layered this one over Orly Torrid (index, middle, and pinkie) and China Glaze Champagne Bubbles (ring finger. Thank you Lindsey!)


Making Christmas

Making Christmas. I'm fairly certain all of the glitter in this one is holographic. Small specks of red, green, and silver flashing every color of the rainbow makes for quite a spectacular holiday mani. I layered MC over Orly Torrid (red) and China Glaze Glittering Garland (green--again, thank you Lindsey!).

At the time I am writing this, Making Christmas is still available on Llarowe and Overall Beauty. GO GET IT.


Overall, I'm very impressed with this collection. Lemme try to break it down.

What I liked:

  • Great variety in color. Not just traditional "christmas-y" red and green here!
  • Beautiful blends of glitter
  • Black jelly? Yes please.
  • Great glitter coverage with a lot of these. Making Christmas, Holly and Hellfire, and Blue Christmas could all probably be worn alone. 
What I didn't like:
  • Nothing. o:
It is important to note that, like most indie nail polish, CrowsToes is made with uncut glitter suspension base. This means that the polish is thick, but it can be thinned out to your desired consistency. Some people may not like the initial thickness of the polish, but I don't mind it at all! I chose not to thin any of my CrowsToes.

I hope y'all enjoyed these swatches! I may or may not be back tomorrow with another post. I might do some kind of Christmas mani, but I'm not sure if I'll have time to put together a post. 

Anyway....... <3


(Products were provided for my honest review)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

CrowsToes Holiday 2012 Collection Review: Part 1

Hey fuzzy bunnies,

Today I have Part Uno of a review that I have (as usual) taken wayyy too long to put together. A while ago, Lauri, creator of CrowsToes nail polish, got it touch with me so I could review her holiday collection. And well, here it is! (Half of it anyway.)

This first post contains 4 of the 8 fantabulous holiday glitter bombs from CrowsToes. These are limited edition and unfortunately, many of them are already sold out. So sorry to tease you with polish that is no longer available, but some of these are still for sale on Llarowe and Overall Beauty, so snag 'em while you can!

Let's get right to the swatches. My overall opinion will be in the second post!

Jingle Balls

One coat of Jingle Balls over Sinful Colors Mint Apple (pinkie and middle) and one of my frankens (ring and pointer).

This polish is like a christmas tree in a bottle! Medium blue-green hexes, small blue hexes, tiny red hexes, gold bars and stars, and plenty more small green glitter make up this polish. Hardly any "fishing" was required here, but I did have to dab the glitter on to apply it. So beautiful. Sadly sold out, I believe.


Bah F@#%%*g Humbug

Awesome metallic mix of yellow, blue-green, and blue hexes and bars. A lot of the glitter in this one is holographic, which you know is guaranteed to make me happy! I layered one coat over OPI Number One Nemesis.


Blue Christmas

Two coats of Blue Christmas over Bootie Babe Hella Hiney. (Yes, I have some booty-shaped nail polish to show y'all) Blue Christmas is a straight-up blue glitterfest in a clear base. This one was difficult for me to photograph; it looked much more beautiful in person! Great coverage with this one. I probably could have tried to get it opaque on its own.


A Christmas Crow

This is either one or two coats of A Christmas Crow over Wet 'n' Wild Poison Ivy. Christmas Crow is definitely a stunner. It's a black jelly with small multichrome glitter that shifts from orange to yellow to green. This shift is much more visible in the bottle (you can even see some blue in there!), but in the right lighting this polish really glows. It's fantastic.

The second half of this collection will be up tomorrow!


(Products were provided for my honest review)