Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Marathon" Lazy 15 Challenge Day 11: Fireworks


Here's post numero dos for tonight. The theme for this day was fireworks/bonfire night. I went with fireworks... Very loosely...

My only inspiration for these was glitter. Lots and lots of glitter. I tried to imagine the sparkling awesomeness of fireworks, and how I could possibly translate something like that to nail art form.

I tried to draw an explosion that started on my middle finger and spread out to the rest of my nails, and then dabbed on some streaks of glitter.

>.< This one was difficult for me, y'all. I'm not sure about how it came out, but it'll have to do!


My base was Sally Hansen Midnight in NY, and my gold was Essie Good as Gold. For the glitter, I used Milani 3D (gold holo finish), Essie Set in Stones (multi-sized silver glitter), and Darling Diva Auld Lang Syne (gold and silver holo glitter).

Okay, that's all for this one... Get ready for fairy tale day. I promise it's better than this one. :P



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