Saturday, December 1, 2012

"Marathon" Lazy 15 Challenge Day 10: Underwater Creatures

Hey y'all!

I have FOUR Lazy 15 posts to make today, so let's get right down to business!

The first post on my list is "underwater creatures/water mythical" themed, and I went with a sparkly fish scale mani inspired by a mermaid's tail.

This one was a bit of a challenge as I've never done a full nail design like this before. The closest thing I've done to this is a few scalloped "cloud" manis! My saving grace was the fact that mermaids are mythical, so I got to make this up off the top of my head. ;)

Mermaid's Tail

I couldn't decide between Sinful Colors Nail Junkie and Pure Ice Heartbreaker as a topper--so I went with both, naturally! :P

If you want to know the technique or colors used, just let me know in the comments! Otherwise, I'm just gonna leave this post as-is. :D

Thanks for reading! And get ready for more posts... :P


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  1. Hurrah! So pretty =D Your designs are always so NEAT too.


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