Friday, December 21, 2012

Half-Moon Gradient Video Tutorial + News I Guess


I feel like it's been a while since I've offered you anything of substance... So guess what? I'm staying up all night to write this for you! Just like old times, eh? :)

Really I don't have a whole lot to write, since I spent a good part of yesterday editing a video tutorial for y'all.

The story is, someone I know IRL suggested I make more Youtube videos, so I asked my twitter and facebook followers for suggestions. I got a few suggestions of general ideas, but Kylie of SparKylie Nails specifically requested a tutorial for the half-moon gradient I did for the last day of the Lazy 15 Challenge. (My mani was inspired by this mani from Globe & Nail.)

Enough chit-chat. Here is the result of my countless hours of toiling:

Polishes/supplies used:
  • CoverGirl Vio-Last
  • Sinful Colors Let's Talk
  • Sally Hansen Purple Haste
  • Makeup sponge
  • Hole re-enforcement stickers
  • Top coat
  • Cotton swabs
  • Acetone nail polish remover
I hope this tutorial is helpful for anyone who wants to give this look a try! But if something is not clear in the video above, please let me know either in the video comments or in the comments for this post. I will get back to you ASAP. :)

Also, if you want a closer look at the result, here are the pics!

These pictures don't do it any justice, in my opinion. After I finished filming the video, I didn't take pictures until about an hour later, and by then I had dented and dinged up the mani already, so I re-applied top coat, which made it shrink around the cuticles. >.<

Now for the "news." 

A few days ago, my roommate and I decided to clean up our apartment for a little get-together that was in the works for Thursday. We did a hell of a job cleaning our place up, and I was about to celebrate when I noticed I had broken off a chunk of my middle finger nail. :'( 

It actually wasn't that bad, and I only had to file them down a bit. They actually ended up looking better than before. 

BUT THEN (you knew this was coming)

Thursday morning while helping my partner get ready for work, I snapped off a corner of my index finger nail:

This break also turned out to be not so bad. My nails are now filed down to this length:

Nice, right? 

And I would be perfectly okay with this, were it not for the fact that my pinkie nail just split right where the free edge meets my fingertip. It's not down to the quick, but it's definitely going to be short. 

I guess this was bound to happen... My nails have been growing strong since September without any major breaks, and the longer they've grown the happier I've been with my nail shape. But I'll probably file them down again later today. Sigh... I will miss you, long beautiful nails. :(

On the bright side, I can pick my nose again! :D 

Can't wait till they grow back!



  1. LOL. Nice post :) The new length looks awesome!

  2. Your nails are still longer than mine! I also loved the way the half moon gradient turned out.

  3. Why filing them down? Just patch the pinkie with teabag :).

  4. When a corner breaks off you could try doing a rounder shape rather than filing it all the way. If you've tried that before and really don't like the look, ignore this suggestion!

  5. Ooo ick! Nose picking? Your nails will grow back & they're beautiful, long or short.


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