Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saran Mani Saturday!

Hey y'all!

So a few bloggers (including myself) decided to "team" up and post saran/plastic wrap manis today! In case you don't know, a saran mani is a very simple way to make an awesome manicure that only LOOKS like it takes a lot of skill. ;)

You simply paint your nails one solid color, and then "sponge" another polish onto your nails using saran wrap, a plastic baggie, or a plastic grocery bag. The result is a marbled-looking effect that is almost always unique. I'm not going to show you how since there are plenty of tutorials for this look out there already. Google is your friend, kids.

For today's mani, I used Essie Butler Please and No More Film, and for some added sparkle I used Milani 3D from the 3D holographic collection.

Plastic-y Goodness

I know I've been using a lot of blue and gold lately. Must be the season? I wish the rainbow in that holo showed up a little more in the pictures.

For some reason my camera was having a lot of trouble focusing on my nails today. I need to charge the battery though... I'll see if that helps when I take swatch pics later.

I even took a shot of both hands today! Looky!

I mainly took this picture because I actually decided to do both hands today, and on top of that I did them both differently! I don't know if I should have left the holo out. I kind of like the two blues together, and I don't think the gold complements them both that well. 

Ah well! I still like today's mani. It's nice having both hands painted in an interesting way. :)

Please, please please check out the other bloggers who took part in Saran Mani Saturday!

By the way, Wes (Polish Me Manly) is a really cool guy who also paints his nails. If you haven't seen his blog yet, be sure to check him out! 

Okay, that's all I have for this post! :D Catch ya's later



  1. Is fun, is eye catching, and has holo on it! good enough for me!

  2. I like the different looks you did for left and right hand. Perhaps I like the right one a bit better.

    1. I think I might like the right hand better too... The colors just look better!

  3. I really like the saran wrap look on you!!! I haven't done it before but now I really want to try it!! I love the blues. <3

    1. Thank you! :D It's a fun look; you should try it!

  4. Very nice! Your nails are so long now too!

    1. Thanks! I had to file them down a bit yesterday... They grow quite fast! O:

  5. The fingers with Butler Please and No More Film look like disturbed satin sheets :P


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