Saturday, November 17, 2012

Glitzology Swatches and Review

Hey y'all!

Today I have some swatches all lined up from Glitzology! Glitzology is pretty new in the indie polish world; the shop only opened about a month ago. But early on, Stacy, the gal behind the glitter, was looking for people to swatch some polish and I was happy to oblige.

I have five mini-bottles of polish to show today. Glitzology polish comes in a full-size 15ml bottle by default, but you can also buy small sets of mini 5ml bottles.

All swatches are one coat of glitter over a colored base, topped with one generous coat of Gelous. I'm trying to get some video swatches together for this post, so we'll see how that works out. O:


This polish was inspired by Neapolitan ice cream... what a shocker. ;)

It certainly looks tasty! Various pink, brown, and white glitters make up this polish, representing chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors. I was a little intimidated by the bar/string glitter in there, but it's not too much to handle! There's a great variety of glitter shapes in this one.

I layered one dabbed-on coat over Sally Hansen I Pink I Can and Jessica Summer Loving.


Jessica Summer Loving
Sally Hansen I Pink I Can

My Viking Boyfriend

Cute name, AWESOME polish.

This one is definitely a glitter bomb! TONS of blue and silver holo glitters, including these big squares, hexes, and shards that are amazing when they catch the light. Pictures don't do this one justice! I'll have to get the video working soon so you can see this one sparkle... The fine holographic glitter in this one is beautiful.

One easy coat over Milani Dude Blue and Jessica Electric Blue. This one is so packed with glitter that I was tempted to wear it alone. Maybe I'll try it with glue as a base sometime? ;)

Video swatch: :D


Milani Dude Blue
Jessica Electric Blue

Skeleton Key

Unfortunately, Beetlejuice references are totally lost on me. Good polish, however, is not lost on me. ;D

This one is matte white and black glitters with purple metallic glitter. Much redder in real life! 

The white glitter is mostly hexes with some big chunks in there, and the black glitter includes a few bars. Once again, I liked the bars in this one. Not too many, so they aren't overpowering and crazy. The purple glitter is a ton of hexes, squares, shards, and small glitter. Great balance of color in this polish!

One dabbed-on coat over Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme and Sally Hansen Purple Pulse.

Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme
Sally Hansen Purple Pulse


Marley... I'm guessing after Bob Marley. But it's just a guess!

Wow... I was surprised at how much I liked this one. Just look at the way that glitter pops over the black base! Simply wonderful. red, green, and yellow glitters in a transparent yellow base. I think the red and green are just hexes and small glitter, but the yellow glitter is made up of some shards and bars as well. Once again, another lovely mix of colors and shapes. 

One coat dabbed on over Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme and Milani Yellow Wiz.

Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme
Milani Yellow Wiz

Snow Day

*u* look at that blue sheen!

Snow day is a flurry of white hexes, bars, and squares with lots of ice blue iridescent glitter. I figured since snow is typically associated with winter and the holidays, I wanted to get a little festive for this swatch. I like the way this looks, but I can tell this polish needs to be layered over everything ever. 8D

One coat dabbed on over Essie Going Incognito and Essie She's Pampered.

Video Swatch!!!


Essie Going Incognito
Essie She's Pampered

The verdict?

These are some fan-freakin-tastic polishes. I loved every single one, and I can't wait to get my hands on more Glizology polish! The mixes of glitter are superb, and so creative and cute. I love the personal touches added to each one! If I had to pick a favorite, I'd say Snow Day is it. :) I love a good versatile layering polish.

The only thing I had a problem with was the thickness of the formula. The mixing balls are sitting at the bottoms of the bottles and can't move at all! It's sort of funny to see, and it really didn't give me any major problems with application, but it's just something to note. When there's a little space in my mini bottles I'll probably add some polish thinner. :)

EDIT: Stacy has informed me that she recently switched to a different polish base, so her polish is not as thick, but is still just as glittery! 

That's all for this review! If you would like to take a look at some more Glitzology, please check out the Glitzology Etsy shop! Each polish is $7.00 US.

Stacy also offered a coupon code for me to share with my readers (that means you), so if you decide to buy some Glitzology polish you can use the code ILOVEGLITTER20 for a 20% discount! Though I think there's another sale running right now, so be sure to check the store info to make sure you're getting a good deal. ;)

Ciao for now!


(Products were provided for my honest review)


  1. You're evil... EEEVVVIILLL for showing me these! ;)

  2. Replies
    1. Black Friday sale, 50% off, I just bought four. I'm so glad you did these swatches, they drew me in much more than those on the shop page O_o; I told her you sent me ;)

  3. These are so gorgeous!!! Snow Day is my favourite!! :D

    1. Mmmmm, I'm thinking of getting a full-size bottle of it! :D

  4. you have a really great eye for what polish to pair the glitters with. they all look great on you!


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