Friday, October 19, 2012

L'Oreal: Breaking Curfew - Swatch and Review

Well hey there y'all,

Today I have on another vampy polish that has been sitting in my "untried" bin for forever! Way longer than Oktoberfest--in fact, I bought this polish so long ago I don't even remember how long I've had it. I bought it thinking it would be nice to try something I don't usually wear, and then I never wore it! >.<

Breaking Curfew

Damn I wish I'd worn this sooner. This is definitely a new go-to polish for me!

Breaking Curfew is a dark (near black) reddish-plum jelly. Opaque in two coats with no VNL. It's a jelly, but it's suuuuuuuuper dark and pigmented! I'm really starting to like dark vampies like this. I've always felt like they were a little boring, being so close to black, but my tastes are changing. This shade just looks so classy to me. Like it would be great for a late night formal event.

The Good:

  • Formula was excellent. Thin and smooth, and very dense and opaque. One coat was almost enough!
  • Beautiful color.
  • Drugstore polish! I love having great drugstore polish around. It usually means I can go back for more bottles of the stuff when I run out, and it usually doesn't cost too much.
The Less Good But Not That Bad:
  • It was almost a little too thin. Even though the thin-ness did nothing bad for the opacity, it did pool onto the sides of my nails just a bit. Especially on my index finger.
Overall, this is a great polish. It's an excellent basic vampy that is very wearable next to my skin tone. I really think everyone should have a polish like this!



  1. What a sexy polish!!! Yum yum!!

  2. Gorgeous vampy sexy polish and I am going to get it. I love this too much.

  3. This polish is drop dead gorgeous. I have L'Oreal After which feels like the blue version of this.

    1. After Hours?? I've had my eye on that one for ages! I'm totes jelly.

      haha, jelly... :P

  4. Ohhhh I need this.. and it's a JELLYYYYYYYY! I love dark vampy colors like this, so edgy and chic.

    1. Dude, this would looks SO good on you!

  5. I just picked this up a few days ago! I can't wait to try it!


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