Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sinful Colors Fall 2012: Fig - Swatch and Review


This polish is the last of my picks from Sinful Colors Fall 2012 lineup. It's another shade that Sinful has re-promoted again and again, but I love it as a fall shade.

Here is fig:

It's a berry creme with bright violet shimmer and a few flecks of magenta shimmer as well.

Like I said, I love it as a fall color. It's more than just a boring berry creme, which I think plenty of people would not be interested in. The shimmer really kicks this polish up a few notches, for me at least.

Application however... was a trial to say the least. I didn't take any pictures of the first time I tried this polish, because I made an absolute mess all over my cuticles, and my nails just looked uneven and globby and... just bad. The formula is thick, standard Sinful Colors. :P

I was much more careful this time around, which proved to me that I can still use this polish. I wiped off a LOT of polish from the brush and applied thin, careful coats and it was opaque in two, which is what you see above.

That does it for my sinful fall posts! I did pick up a few more Sinfuls from their metallics collection that looked really interesting, so expect to see those either soon or eventually. Whenever I get to them. xD I'm waaaay behind on swatching now.



  1. Why no comments yet?

    I really like this! Probably not one I'd typically wear but it's pretty! I really like the shimmer in it though!

  2. Wowzers this is so pretty!!!! I love the depth it has and it looks amazeballs on you!

  3. I love, love Fig. I just left Walgreens with 6 new SC polishes from their "Holiday Shimmer" collection. Dazzle is a new violet/raspberryish shimmer to die for! These colors look best on my skin tone. But the others in the collection are gorgeous as well, no disappointments other than they re-released a few older colors with this collection.
    Just discovered your blog and am following. Thanks for the swatches.

    1. Thank you for following! Glad you like my swatches :D I haven't seen the new Holiday Shimmers yet but I'm anxious to try them out...


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