Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sheswai Lacquer: stoked and what. - Swatches and Review


Today I have two polishes from Sheswai Lacquer. Sheswai (she-sway) is a very eco-chic brand based in California, and on their website they describe themselves as "modern glamour with a rootsy feel." It fits. :) To get a better idea of who they are, just take a look at the Sheswai manifesto:

"we believe painted nails are wonderful accessories
we believe in hugs and smiles
we believe that boys should paint their nails too
we believe in easy good times
we believe painted fingers and toes don't need to match
we believe in living eco-chic
we believe in a hand written note... sent in the mail
we believe in magic
we believe in liberty, glamour, and LOVE for all"

I bet you can guess which line made me want to try Sheswai. ;)

The two colors I have today are called what. and stoked. 

Outdoors with flash

Stoked is originally from the Sheswai spring/summer 2012 collection.

A guy in one of my classes described this color as "vintage seafoam," and I definitely agree. This color is absolutely gorgeous! I was worried it wouldn't complement my skin tone, but it looks great. I've also found that stoked is a great polish for layering glitter and sparkly top coats on top of. I've been trying all different kinds of combinations. Just see for yourself:

Index: Essie A Cut Above
Middle: Sally Hansen Multi-Faceted
Ring: Sinful Colors Nail Junkie
Pinky: Essie Shine of the Times
Thumb: Kleancolor Holo Chrome (too bad I couldn't get any sunlight pictures of this one!)

Next up we have what.:


Outdoors with flash

Okay, what. reminds me of two things: Dark chocolate and dark mahogany wood. It's a beautiful rich dark brown creme with red undertones. When I put it on, I couldn't stop looking at my nails! I guess I'm not used to colors like this. It looks much redder in the bottle, and dries very brown on the nail. On the website, what. is described as an "eggplant/gray" color. Once I stepped outside with it, the purple tones came out and I can definitely see what they mean.

Both polishes had a great formula. What. was smooth with no problems to speak of. Both were a little thick, but still solid two-coaters. Stoked was actually thick enough that I managed to get away with one thick coat on one of my fingers without any bubbling. Dry time was excellent as well, and both polishes dry with a glassy gloss finish.

I've actually been wearing stoked on my right hand for two days now. I did both hands in stoked before going to my drawing class, and then my nails took a beating when I ended up drawing in charcoal during class, so I didn't take any pictures of them that day. But all the charcoal stains have finally washed off of my nails, and my right hand looks great for two days of rough wear! Only a bit of tip-wear on two fingers.

Sheswai Lacquer sells for $16 USD on their website. The polish is three free, and the caps are made from sustainably harvested wood, grown on family owned tree farms. (Sheswai is also made in the USA) How cool is that? The price of the polish may seem a little steep, but in my opinion, it's worth it for what goes into each bottle. 

They currently have fifteen shades available, but they've already shared a glimpse of one of their new fall colors, so there's something to look forward to! ;)


ETA: The products in this post were sent for review (how could I forget this part?!)

ETA #2: Links... Whoops. I must've been way out of it yesterday!


  1. EEEEEEE I've been eyeing stoked since I saw it on Polish You Pretty a long time ago and it looks amazingggg on you! I also really like what (is that the name? haha), sooo stunning and a lot prettier on than I would've thought!

    1. Yes, the polish is called "what.", it's a bit confusing, I know. xD It really is pretty! I was intrigued by the pictures of it on the website, and it did NOT disappoint.

      Thank you by the way. I'm really loving stoked too. :D

  2. These are BOTH so GORGEOUS!! Now I need to take a look at these lacquers! <3

    1. Good! And thanks to your comment I remembered that I needed to add links to my post. xD Lol

  3. These look amazing, I especially love the layered combos! Every time I have a layering polish I catch myself reaching for the pastel blues... :)


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