Thursday, September 20, 2012

Essie Mirror Metallics Collection - Swatches and Review

Howdy lovely blog readers,

So... I'm in love with this collection.

There, I said it!

It's everything I've ever wanted in nail polish! >.< I just love the idea of a smooth silver chrome finish on my nails, and Essie basically granted my polish wish.* I'm just going to go ahead and show you the pictures because frankly I don't know what else to say... This post may be a bit picture heavy by the way.

If you want to know my opinion on the formula and the collection as a whole, that will be at the end of this post. :)

All of these swatches are with no base or top coat. I did not buff my nails prior to applying polish.

Essie Blue Rhapsody

It's blue. No big surprise there, but it is pretty.

Essie Good As Gold

I was surprised by how much I liked this shade of gold on my nails. I actually think it's quite flattering.

Essie Nothing Else Metals

Very pale lilac. I was surprised by this color, too. It's not one I'd pick for myself, but once I had it on I thought it looked awesome.

Essie Penny Talk

A beautiful rose gold. I knew I wanted this one as soon as the collection came out. I'm not sure it's the color of a penny, though. Maybe a very new penny perhaps? This one is a favorite for me. 

Essie No Place Like Chrome

Smooth silver chrome. *Sigh* Another favorite.

All of the swatches above are two coats, and I'll explain why below.

Okay, let's go with pros and cons for this review:

  • Smooth, chrome-like, and nearly brushstroke-free finish. They live up to the name "Mirror Metallic;" you can even see fuzzy little reflections of my red camera in one of the pictures of No Place Like Chrome!
  • Formula was dense and opaque in just one coat. The polishes go on thick, but not too thick, and dry like a thin layer of metal on the nail.
  • For me, they were very easy to apply. I had no issues with the Essie brush being too small.
  • Gorgeous colors; Penny Talk and Blue Rhapsody are just beautiful, and you can't go wrong with No Place Like Chrome.
  • Dry time is super quick! They don't look chrome-like at all when they're being applied, but as you watch them dry you can see the chrome finish appear.

  • They really do show every flaw in your nails. I didn't buff my nails as recommended before applying polish, so my ridges and rough spots are definitely visible if you look closely. This is why I chose to wear two coats instead of just one; I was hoping the extra coat would help smooth things out! (I can't tell if it helped or not.)
  • The formula is great, but be wary of extra brushstrokes. Try to get these on in as few strokes as possible because if you do more than a few, bald spots happen. Another reason I wore two coats.
  • Again, a formula issue: Be very careful not to put on too thick a coat, or it bubbles instantly!
  • I wish there were more colors! Nothing Else Metals and Good as Gold are nice, but not that exciting to me.
  • *They could be more chrome. There is one other chrome collection that I have seen floating around that I REALLY need to have, and that's the Layla Mirror Effect collection. They are pretty much as close to a perfectly smooth metallic finish as you can get from a bottle of nail polish. Please go look up swatches if you haven't already.

I hope you enjoyed this review or found it to be informative or helpful. I know I had seen a lot of mixed reviews for this collection, but I'm glad I have all of them. They are--in my mind--pretty close to a dream come true. 

I'm sorry, I'm gushing! I'll stop now. I can be such an Essie fanboy sometimes.



  1. Fitzy, I haven't commented before, but I have to tell you that you take fantastic pictures! Love it! I definitely had the problem with these bubbling like crazy on me. I do love them for stamping/nail art though. I might have to try again for a full mani.

    1. Thank you so much! I've really been working hard to take better pictures, so your comment means a lot to me!

      I don't do a lot of stamping, but I should definitely try these for that purpose since everyone says they're great for that. hahah

  2. Your nails are looking awesome in these pics:)

  3. Amazing review!! They look fantastic on you! :D

  4. I love it! It will be good for the holidays!

    1. I want to wear them all the time, not just the holidays! Lol

  5. These all look AMAZING on you! Great review also :)

    1. Thanks! :D I was kind of surprised that I liked all of them on me.

  6. Love them, they all look great! Must get Penny Talk!

    1. I think that one is my favorite in this collection. Definitely get it if you can!

  7. You bought them! So glad you like them! I need penny talk, no question about it.

    1. My partner ended up buying these for me. xD He knows me too well!


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