Friday, September 28, 2012

Essence Colour and Go Fall 2012: Chic Reloaded - Swatch and Review

I had a hard time taking these pictures because 1. I forgot to change all my camera settings back to "nail photography mode" and 2. multichrome! Just look at the bottle:

Essence recently changed their bottles and brushes, and released a bunch of new shades for 2012. I have two of the new shades, and for today I have swatches of just one. To be honest, I haven't had the energy to do a whole lot of swatching, and when I painted one hand with this I thought it looked so pretty that I just wanted to wear it as a full mani.

Chic Reloaded

This is two coats of Chic Reloaded topped with SV.

I tried my best to capture the awesome multichrome shift in this polish, but it was challenging. It's much more intense in real life; my pictures are far too toned down. :(

OMG, my entire hand! I didn't want to crop this picture; I thought it looked nice. Hahah...

As you can hopefully see, Chic Reloaded is a charcoal-grey based shimmer with a multichrome shift that is honestly to die for. It shifts from magenta to teal and blue, and in the bottle you can see it shifting all the way to yellow. This was two coats of Chic Reloaded.

This color has a very industrial look to me. The swirling color and dark base remind me of iridescent oil spilled on asphalt, shining in the sunlight. It's sort of grungy and beautiful at the same time.

This is becoming my standard review; pros and cons lists are totally awesome.

  • The color. Ugh. Yes. 
  • The color shift is fantastic!
  • The formula is great. Not too thick, but not exactly thin either.
  • The brush is wide like an Insta-Dri brush, but cut evenly and is overall very good quality. It covered all of my nails in one swipe.

  • It bubbled pretty badly on one of my fingers when I applied my second coat, even though my first coat was dry. :/ Seche Vite fixed it though, so the bubbles weren't a really big deal. 

I've also been thinking of ways I can write about nail polish from a "male perspective," because I am, after all, a male nail polish blogger.

To be honest, I don't think about my nail polish much when I go out in public. It's just normal for me to have painted nails, and in fact I feel uncomfortable going out with bare nails! But I know it's not the norm, and I'm sure some people think its weird, especially when I wear bright colors with glitter and shimmer and shit. I'm not the kind of guy who is into just black polish. I'm a little more flamboyant than that, at least with my nails.

That being said, Chic Reloaded is a great polish for guys in my opinion, because when people think of men who wear nail polish, they typically imagine musicians (hard rockers and such) who wear black or dark polish. (In other words, someone not quite as flamboyant as I am.) This polish is very dark, but it's not black, it's grey, and it's actually quite pretty because of the color shift. So in my opinion, it can definitely appeal to the sterotypical "guy who wears nail polish" because it is so near-black, but it's also great if that same guy wants to step outside his comfort zone.

For me, I just think it's a damn pretty polish, and I'm sure plenty of you would agree.


This was sent for review.


  1. I like this color - might have to pick it up :)

  2. So pretty! I love dark colors so this is fabulouuussssss. haha & this sounds kind of creepy but I love the full hand picture, it looks cool!

    PS I love that one of your labels is "XOXO Alexis Leigh"... from the galaxy post?

    1. Yep! I'm a little tag-crazy, I'll admit it.

      Thankssss xD

      (I think the full hand shot is kinda cool too...)

  3. Love it! Do you think the new brush caused the bubbles? I hate a bad brush! Essence is always sold out by the time I get to the store :o(

    1. I think it was probably the thick-ish formula. But I really love the brush! It's great.

  4. Looove! This is such a pretty polish and perfect for fall IMO.

    I followed from over at Alexis's BOTM have beautiful nails and do GORGEOUS swatches!!!

    1. Thank you for following! :D I'm glad you like my swatches and nails. :3 I'm super flattered.

  5. This looks so much more rad on you than on me. XD


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