Friday, September 28, 2012

Essence Colour and Go Fall 2012: Chic Reloaded - Swatch and Review

I had a hard time taking these pictures because 1. I forgot to change all my camera settings back to "nail photography mode" and 2. multichrome! Just look at the bottle:

Essence recently changed their bottles and brushes, and released a bunch of new shades for 2012. I have two of the new shades, and for today I have swatches of just one. To be honest, I haven't had the energy to do a whole lot of swatching, and when I painted one hand with this I thought it looked so pretty that I just wanted to wear it as a full mani.

Chic Reloaded

This is two coats of Chic Reloaded topped with SV.

I tried my best to capture the awesome multichrome shift in this polish, but it was challenging. It's much more intense in real life; my pictures are far too toned down. :(

OMG, my entire hand! I didn't want to crop this picture; I thought it looked nice. Hahah...

As you can hopefully see, Chic Reloaded is a charcoal-grey based shimmer with a multichrome shift that is honestly to die for. It shifts from magenta to teal and blue, and in the bottle you can see it shifting all the way to yellow. This was two coats of Chic Reloaded.

This color has a very industrial look to me. The swirling color and dark base remind me of iridescent oil spilled on asphalt, shining in the sunlight. It's sort of grungy and beautiful at the same time.

This is becoming my standard review; pros and cons lists are totally awesome.

  • The color. Ugh. Yes. 
  • The color shift is fantastic!
  • The formula is great. Not too thick, but not exactly thin either.
  • The brush is wide like an Insta-Dri brush, but cut evenly and is overall very good quality. It covered all of my nails in one swipe.

  • It bubbled pretty badly on one of my fingers when I applied my second coat, even though my first coat was dry. :/ Seche Vite fixed it though, so the bubbles weren't a really big deal. 

I've also been thinking of ways I can write about nail polish from a "male perspective," because I am, after all, a male nail polish blogger.

To be honest, I don't think about my nail polish much when I go out in public. It's just normal for me to have painted nails, and in fact I feel uncomfortable going out with bare nails! But I know it's not the norm, and I'm sure some people think its weird, especially when I wear bright colors with glitter and shimmer and shit. I'm not the kind of guy who is into just black polish. I'm a little more flamboyant than that, at least with my nails.

That being said, Chic Reloaded is a great polish for guys in my opinion, because when people think of men who wear nail polish, they typically imagine musicians (hard rockers and such) who wear black or dark polish. (In other words, someone not quite as flamboyant as I am.) This polish is very dark, but it's not black, it's grey, and it's actually quite pretty because of the color shift. So in my opinion, it can definitely appeal to the sterotypical "guy who wears nail polish" because it is so near-black, but it's also great if that same guy wants to step outside his comfort zone.

For me, I just think it's a damn pretty polish, and I'm sure plenty of you would agree.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pomegranate Lacquer Fall 2012: Autumnesque and Curator - Swatches and Review

Howdy y'all,

Pomegranate Lacquer is a brand that I have quickly grown to love. They have great colors and an excellent formula, and I'm excited to share two of their new fall shades with you as they are definitely a new favorite of mine. :)

Here are Autumnesque and Curator:


Autumnesque is a straight up copper shimmer. It is nothing but pure metallic burnt red-orange bliss. Two coats for full opacity.

I also tried to get close-up shots:


Curator is a black jelly with silver hex and small circular(??) gold glitter. I freakin LOVE this polish y'all. I wore three to four coats on most of my fingers, but on my middle finger I applied just two coats of Curator over a coat of black creme polish. I think I honestly prefer how it looks on its own; that jelly finish is just spectacular. 

(Ugh, sorry about my messy-looking nails. I didn't do the greatest job removing my previous mani.)

I really like pros and cons for reviews, so I'm gonna keep with that theme.

What I liked:
  • The colors! Black with glitter is a win in my book, and I loved the pure coppery finish of Autumnesque.
  • Jelly finish? Yes please!
  • Application was pretty much perfect. No formula issues to speak of. 
What I didn't like:
  • Curator took a lot of coats to reach full opacity on its own.
  • Glitter removal is a pain in the butt, but hey! That's nobody's fault. ;)
Overall, these two shades are great, and I definitely want to get my hands on the rest of the collection. 

Pomegranate Lacquer sells for $9 a bottle on their website. If you are interested in their fall collection, click that link. The new shades do not disappoint. (I'm a sucker for teals, man...)

All Pomegranate Nail Lacquers are 4-Free, made in the USA, and are not tested on animals. Check 'em out. :)


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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sinful Colors Fall 2012: Fig - Swatch and Review


This polish is the last of my picks from Sinful Colors Fall 2012 lineup. It's another shade that Sinful has re-promoted again and again, but I love it as a fall shade.

Here is fig:

It's a berry creme with bright violet shimmer and a few flecks of magenta shimmer as well.

Like I said, I love it as a fall color. It's more than just a boring berry creme, which I think plenty of people would not be interested in. The shimmer really kicks this polish up a few notches, for me at least.

Application however... was a trial to say the least. I didn't take any pictures of the first time I tried this polish, because I made an absolute mess all over my cuticles, and my nails just looked uneven and globby and... just bad. The formula is thick, standard Sinful Colors. :P

I was much more careful this time around, which proved to me that I can still use this polish. I wiped off a LOT of polish from the brush and applied thin, careful coats and it was opaque in two, which is what you see above.

That does it for my sinful fall posts! I did pick up a few more Sinfuls from their metallics collection that looked really interesting, so expect to see those either soon or eventually. Whenever I get to them. xD I'm waaaay behind on swatching now.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Essie Mirror Metallics Collection - Swatches and Review

Howdy lovely blog readers,

So... I'm in love with this collection.

There, I said it!

It's everything I've ever wanted in nail polish! >.< I just love the idea of a smooth silver chrome finish on my nails, and Essie basically granted my polish wish.* I'm just going to go ahead and show you the pictures because frankly I don't know what else to say... This post may be a bit picture heavy by the way.

If you want to know my opinion on the formula and the collection as a whole, that will be at the end of this post. :)

All of these swatches are with no base or top coat. I did not buff my nails prior to applying polish.

Essie Blue Rhapsody

It's blue. No big surprise there, but it is pretty.

Essie Good As Gold

I was surprised by how much I liked this shade of gold on my nails. I actually think it's quite flattering.

Essie Nothing Else Metals

Very pale lilac. I was surprised by this color, too. It's not one I'd pick for myself, but once I had it on I thought it looked awesome.

Essie Penny Talk

A beautiful rose gold. I knew I wanted this one as soon as the collection came out. I'm not sure it's the color of a penny, though. Maybe a very new penny perhaps? This one is a favorite for me. 

Essie No Place Like Chrome

Smooth silver chrome. *Sigh* Another favorite.

All of the swatches above are two coats, and I'll explain why below.

Okay, let's go with pros and cons for this review:

  • Smooth, chrome-like, and nearly brushstroke-free finish. They live up to the name "Mirror Metallic;" you can even see fuzzy little reflections of my red camera in one of the pictures of No Place Like Chrome!
  • Formula was dense and opaque in just one coat. The polishes go on thick, but not too thick, and dry like a thin layer of metal on the nail.
  • For me, they were very easy to apply. I had no issues with the Essie brush being too small.
  • Gorgeous colors; Penny Talk and Blue Rhapsody are just beautiful, and you can't go wrong with No Place Like Chrome.
  • Dry time is super quick! They don't look chrome-like at all when they're being applied, but as you watch them dry you can see the chrome finish appear.

  • They really do show every flaw in your nails. I didn't buff my nails as recommended before applying polish, so my ridges and rough spots are definitely visible if you look closely. This is why I chose to wear two coats instead of just one; I was hoping the extra coat would help smooth things out! (I can't tell if it helped or not.)
  • The formula is great, but be wary of extra brushstrokes. Try to get these on in as few strokes as possible because if you do more than a few, bald spots happen. Another reason I wore two coats.
  • Again, a formula issue: Be very careful not to put on too thick a coat, or it bubbles instantly!
  • I wish there were more colors! Nothing Else Metals and Good as Gold are nice, but not that exciting to me.
  • *They could be more chrome. There is one other chrome collection that I have seen floating around that I REALLY need to have, and that's the Layla Mirror Effect collection. They are pretty much as close to a perfectly smooth metallic finish as you can get from a bottle of nail polish. Please go look up swatches if you haven't already.

I hope you enjoyed this review or found it to be informative or helpful. I know I had seen a lot of mixed reviews for this collection, but I'm glad I have all of them. They are--in my mind--pretty close to a dream come true. 

I'm sorry, I'm gushing! I'll stop now. I can be such an Essie fanboy sometimes.