Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Fall 2012: Purple Haste - Swatch and Review

My partner and I stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond today so I could prove to him that their GIANT cosmetic section really does exist  ( >.> ), and so that we could pick up a few really cheap things. We nabbed three Essies that were only $2.99 each, and I let myself get just one of the new Sally Hansens. O: Much cheaper there than at Walgreens, though.

The new Insta Dri collection is freakin gorgeous, man. I especially love this one... I mean, I don't have anything even remotely close to this! Maybe the color, but not the bits of glitter. Here are some bottle shots to give you an idea of how awesome this polish is:

It's a rich, vibrant purple shimmer with blue duochromey glitter. The glitter is small and sparse, but not too sparse, so to me this polish is pretty unique and it looks AWESOME.

Here's what I don't like though, and yeah you can probably guess what it is.

The brush.

That fuckingggg brush. Insta Dri polish is notorious for having a crappy spatula brush, but I think this is the worst one I have ever encountered. It's fluffy and uneven and just makes application a pain in the ass.

Additionally, the formula on this polish was not great. It was tolerable at best, but the brush made it so much worse. It's a little runny and it kinda globs up on the sides of my nails, but I was able to coax it into looking okay-ish.

..Which is an accomplishment for me, seeing as this is the first time I've put anything on my nails in over a week! D:

Anyway, I have a few things that I might post this weekend if I have the time, but I'm still not officially back from my break. Still busy. >.< Still bleh. Sorry.



  1. I LOOOOOVVVEEE this! I love all vampy colours but purples are by far my fav. And sucky brushes suck big time. What I do if I have a shitty brush, is pour the amazing colour into an empty, cleaned out, polish bottle with yummy brush lol. :)

    1. That's such a good idea! O: Too bad I have so much polish that I haven't finished a single bottle yet... But I will try that when I get the chance! Thank you!

    2. You're very welcome :) How about frankening a couple of bottles? Mix colours you don't really use/like into one single bottle and use one of the spare bottles, with a good brush, to put the purple into. This is how I started frankening, throwing some random colours together and I have made some beauties (also ended up with loads of empty bottles):D

    3. >.> I have thought about frankening for a while... I just have so many colors that I DO like... I'll have to go through my stash to see if there's anything I don't use anymore. :D

    4. I love the colours too, so tempting and delicious. The brush messes me up every time. I've tried several times, can't seem to get it on right. I'm done with SH Insta Dry now. *cry*

    5. For colors like this one that are too good to pass up, I definitely recommend re-bottling the polish into a bottle with a better brush! I re-bottled this one and added a bit of polish thinner, and it made all the difference. It's so much better now. I plan on re-swatching it and taking new pictures for this post. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't it awesome? I love the glitter in it... Just wish it was easier to apply!


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