Saturday, July 7, 2012

Orly Cosmic FX: Space Cadet and It's Not Rocket Science - Swatches and Review

Hey y'all! My partner's nails will be joining me for today's swatches post, so now everyone can see how my nails pale in comparison. ;)

The Cosmic FX collection is about two years old, but these polishes are pretty spectacular. (And we just tried Rocket Science last night for the first time!)

First up is Rocket Science on my partner's nails:

Sigh. They're super long and healthy. I'm jealous. :x This is three coats of Rocket Science topped with Seche Vite. These polishes are glittery, but not super gritty, so they only needed one coat of SV.

And look how awesome this looks! Golden green multichrome with a bit of blue (which is more obvious in the bottle).

Outdoors with flash.

Ahhhh Space Cadet. You are impossible to photograph. I tried from a million different angles but this is the best I've got. I also took a "video swatch" to see if that would help show it off. (I recommend viewing it in 720p)

Gotta love that multichrome! I've had one friend describe this polish as looking like an "oil slick" on my nails. Space Cadet flashes from black to green, but the most obvious colors in most lighting are red and yellow. I used three coats on most of my fingers. Some of them needed three.

These polishes are definitely oldies but goodies. I keep seeing them all at ULTA, and I kind of want to pick up the rest of the collection. ;)

Anyway, that's all for now!


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