Sunday, June 24, 2012

Random Assorted Jessica Swatches & Review

This weekend I picked up a (rather battered-looking and taped together) box of five Jessica nail polishes from Marshalls. I wasn't expecting to see nail polish at Marshalls, and even though I've heard some good things about Jessica I hadn't tried any of their polishes yet. So I figured, why not? It was a good deal, too. Around six bucks for four colors and a base coat.

The colors in my box were (left to right in the picture) Summer Lovin', Viper Room, Electric Blue, Red Dawn, and the Coat of Armor Natural Nail Shield Base coat.



Outdoors (shade)
I was a little excited to try Summer Lovin', since I don't own any other nude polishes and I thought this might be a good color for me. It is nice, but it's a little light against my skin. I don't know if I really like it that much, but I'm going to try using it as a base for sponging and french tips some time. It evened out nicely at three coats. This was the only one with a finicky brush.


Viper Room is a deep reddish plum color (more like the first picture) with sort of a cream/jelly (crelly?) finish. I really liked this polish. The formula was perfect, thin and smooth, and the brush was great. I'm wearing two coats in the pictures. This shit is GLOSSY too. Just look at it!

My ONLY issue with this one is that I kept picking it up when I applied top coat! Major frustration! I hope I didn't ruin my Seche Vite.


Electric Blue. Kind of a frosty, brushstroke-y, metallic blue shimmer. Really nice and bright... I actually really liked this one too! Once again, awesome formula, two coats.


Red Dawn. The name makes me laugh, but this polish is spectacular. This'll be the second red polish I own, and I absolutely love it. Densely pigmented red jelly, packed with silver shimmer. Glides on perfectly in one coat! I can definitely see myself wearing this one again. This polish has changed my mind about red!

I was really happy with all of these polishes. If you happen to see a box of Jessica polishes at Marshalls or TJ Maxx, you should definitely go for it! It's a great deal and these polishes are just wonderful. Great formulas, great brushes, and definitely a variety of colors. Drying time was also not bad.

I used the Coat of Armor base coat under all of these polishes, and it's pretty good. The brush is a little unwieldy, but it dries pretty fast and I'll probably end up using it again.

I also did some funky french tips with two of these polishes, so you'll see that pretty soon!


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