Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chanel Delight - Swatch & Review

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So, it sure didn't take long for me to give in and paint my lil' nails. :P And I know what you're thinking... What's this joker doing with a bottle of Delight?!

Here's the story: Not too long ago, my boyfriend was flipping through the pages of Allure magazine and came across a picture of Chanel Delight. I glanced at the picture and said "eh, it's okay I guess," but he knew we had to have it. Fast forward to two Sundays ago, and I was inside Nordstrom swatching Delight on my ring finger.

It. Was. Beautiful.

We took it home of course! And here are some pictures that don't quite do it justice:



indoors, but right next to my window!

The formula was just perfect. It went on in two smooth, thin, and even coats, but you could definitely get away with just one coat. It looks spectacular either way.

The finish reminds me of Graphite--it's the same foil-y, shimmery finish, but Delight is gold (rose gold?), bronze, and champagne instead of, well... Graphite!

That's all I have for now, but tomorrow I plan on attempting a gradient mani using some sponges, and hopefully I'll have some sweet results to share.

Oh yeah, I also switched cameras to one that I think is at least a little bit better than my old one. Still not as good as a DSLR though. :/ Sigh. Someday.



  1. It's lovely. I don't think Delight is in the stores here yet (Aus). I got Illamasqua Swinger a few weeks back and it looks quite similar just based on your pics.

    1. You may be right! I did a quick google search and they look very similar. I'm tempted to say Delight is a bit warmer, though. More bronz-ey I think.

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