Thursday, May 24, 2012

OPI The Amazing Spider-Man collection (minis!)

Hey y'all! Sorry it's taken me so long to post anything. My sleep schedule has been way screwy lately and I just haven't had much time to get things done. But I finally have something today! :D

The Amazing Spider-Man collection by OPI
I've seen a few posts about this collection, and when my boyfriend and I saw the box with four mini bottles at ULTA I found it hard to resist!

I'll be honest... I really like Spider-man. He's gotta be one of my favorite super-heroes, and when I saw that a new movie was in the works (and starring Andrew Garfield! Swoon!), I was pretty excited. So, when I heard about this collection I had pretty high hopes!

"baby" bottles!
Aww, aren't they just precious... The box set came with Into the Night, Your Web or Mine?, Just Spotted the Lizard!, and Number One Nemesis. I've heard that both JStL and NON are Chanel dupes, but I only have evidence for one of them! I own Graphite, but not Peridot, so I'll show the comparison after the swatches.

First up is Into the Night:

For a polish called "Into the Night," this color was disappointingly sheer. The bottle color is a deep shimmering blue-violet (more violet than the picture I have), and I was expecting something dark and opaque. It took five (!!!) coats to achieve the amount of opacity you see, and my nails still weren't totally covered! 

I knew something had to be done, so I tried it over Sally Hansen Black Out:

One coat over black. This is how it's supposed to look, darn it! It actually matched the bottle color.

Here's Your Web or Mine?:

Frosty coral-y pink. I'm not a fan. I don't really have anything against pink, but this is not something I would wear again. Formula was nice though. Three coats.

Next is Just Spotted the Lizard!:

From what I've seen, this is an exact Chanel Peridot dupe. Of course, I personally have no proof. :P I do happen to have a bottle of Gap Gold Rush (another Peridot dupe), and they look exactly the same to me, so it doesn't look like I'll be buying Peridot any time soon! This is three thin coats. Formula was nice, but I actually think the Gap dupe is better.

Finally, this is Number One Nemesis:

Super pretty! OPI describes it as "sparkling nickel," and I agree. Sparkling yet smooth, and the formula was great. This went on in three coats.

Now for the Graphite comparison:

Left to right: Chanel, OPI, Chanel, OPI

There is definitely a difference! While OPI is shimmery, Chanel is even more shimmery. Graphite is much more complex and radiant; Number One Nemesis just looks too smooth and a bit dull next to Graphite. OPI definitely comes close, though! I'd say if you didn't want to dish out 25 bucks, go for the OPI. It really is a lovely polish.

Just to highlight the difference, here's a picture with flash:

Alrighty, I think that's all for now! Thanks for reading. :)


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